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Chris DiTuri Sound

So you've built your company from the ground up but maybe you're not getting the foot traffic (or online traffic) that you expected?

Or maybe you're an internet radio station and you're looking for that extra polish that makes you stand out from the other "basement operations?"

Or maybe you're a veteran business that's used to print ads and with the advent of digital marketing you've fallen behind.

Let me build your brand.

I'm Chris DiTuri, a local broadcast professional with years of major market experience and a client list that includes Coca-Cola, Zoo Atlanta, Verizon, USA Network, Dominos, American Family Insurance, CBS Radio, Cumulus Media, Turner, The Atlanta Falcons, The Atlanta Braves, and many more. I offer commercial audio production services including but not limited to scriptwriting, voiceover work, spot production, radio imaging, sound design, audio for video, audio for streaming media, music composition and general broadcast advertising consultation. I know exactly what it takes to build your brand and get you the results you want with the right marketing tools.


I'm a Cum Laude graduate from the Art Institute of Atlanta with a Bachelor of Arts in Audio Production, and I've been involved in creative sound solutions for over 16 years.

Need more information?

Please contact me at (770)605-4415. I'm ready to sit down with you for a consultation and take on your most demanding projects.

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